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Big Benefits of Having an Online Marketing Career

Blended Learning System

In-Demand Professional

150,000 jobs predicted by 2020 and not enough online professionals to fill them

Blended Learning System

Earn an amazing salary

A fruitful industry with a large skills shortage, you can think of yourself like a commodity

Blended Learning System

KickStart Your Own Career

An opportunities for you to kickstart your own career before you even set foot in a workplace

Professional Certificate in
Advanced Online Marketing Course

This is a Certification Online Marketing Program To Learn…

Social Media Biz

Facebook Business Ads
Youtube Channel
Instagram Business
Tweeter Influences

Web Development

Wix Website Builder
Google Tools, SEO, Alexa
WordPress, Domain, Hosting
CMS, e-Commerce & Gateway

Marketing Skills


Productivity Skills

Photo Shooting
Photo Editing
Video Shooting
Video Editing


This Online Marketing course is designed to equip learners with practical knowledge and skills on developing a online marketing strategy and executing advertising campaigns.
What you'll get from this Course

  • Master The Plan & Tools

    Master skill to develop a plan with the right tools for marketing a business online

  • Gain Real World Experience

    You won't just be completing assignments. Instead, you'll be performing real-world tasks such as building websites, driving traffic, crafting digital ads, and optimizing your campaigns.

  • Become a Profesional Online Marketer

    Besides the tools, you'll learn how to think like a online marketer. You'll be able to craft personalized messages suited for your target audience, and design campaigns that speaks to them.

  • Be Part
    Of Our


Learn from the Best Online Marketing Training Centre in Malaysia

Empowered Learning

Putting the learner at the centre of the learner experience. Demand driven, open to choice, learner–centric

Enhanced Learning

Relentlessly setting new benchmarks, continuously taking the learning to a higher level

Exploratory Learning

Actively pushing the boundaries of the known, with rigorous inquiries, creativity and curiosity

Expanding Learning

An open paradigm of learning without boundaries or limitations. Face to face Blended and full online learning opportunities available to students

Effective Learning

Functional, purposeful intended education; producing winners

Electronic Learning

Any place, anytime, anywhere, 24/7, 365

Job Placement Assistance

The ultimate goal of your training is to obtain an Online Marketer job. To assist you in this goal, our job placement assistance will help you look for a job and prepare you for your job interview


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